How long does an osprey live for?

I don't know and I wish I did because my rotten BF turned the telly over this evening when the Osprey tracking programme was on. (sob sob)
20-25 years
The typical lifespan of an osprey is 20-25 years.
Some of the Ospreys in Scotland are more than 25 years old. I know this because when they are chicks small numbered rings are fitted on their legs, And people keep a watch on them and when they die they check up the number on a computer and see how long they lived.

However, although some Ospreys live to a ripe old age, not all of them do. In fact, most of the young die before they reach 3 years.
We keep golden eagles and osprey are slightly smaller and our Golden's could live to be 70 + in captivity or 40 + in the wild.