Endospores Vs. Vegetative Cells ?

what are the difference between these two kinds of cell .
I think matahari has provided the perfect answer.

In simpler words a vegative cell is any cell of a plant or animal that is capable of actively growing and is not reproductive.

Endospores are a dormant form of a certain type of bacterial cell that is very resistant to desiccation, heat, and a variety of chemical and radiation treatments that are otherwise lethal to non-endospore bacterial cells. Only some type of bacteria produce Endospores. It is considered that endospores found in Egyptian mummies are the oldest living things found on earth.
an endospore is a thick-coated, resistant cell produced within a bacterial cell exposed to harsh conditions.

a vegetative cell is any of the cells of a plant or animal except the reproductive cells; a cell that does not participate in the production of gametes

Endospores are metabolically inert and can withstand a wider variety of deleterious conditions than reproductive spores – such as radiation, abrasion, extremes of heat and cold, and lack of nutrients and water. Like a reproductive spore, an endospore will germinate and form a vegetative cell when conditions return for the growth of these cells, and generations of vegetative cells will again thrive as long as the appropriate nutrients and environmental conditions are present. When the nutrients begin to run out, endospores are again produced; this can be seen to happen on artificial media as well as in the normal habitat.
Bacteria are single celled organisms. They grow in colonies of millions as long as their is enough food and energy for their requirements. Once these things begin to run out, the colony begins to die off. To ensure survival of their species, they form an endospore. The cell hardens and dessicates thus it can withstand drought, high temperatures (some will survive boiling point which is why tinned food is pressure cooked - never buy a dented tin as it may contain botulism) and freezing.
Once favourable wet and warm conditions return, the endospore is triggered irreversibly to make a new bacterial cell.
Vegetative cells are simply those that do not participate in reproduction, and are not generally applied to bacteria (except filamentous types) as these single celled organisms divide to reproduce.