We cannot be the only living thing in the universe so why have no one found us and if there is such things as?

and if they have got got here in space ships they must have greater tech than us so they have nothing to fear or is it all s h i t
You're right we aren't alone.

The problem is that by revealing themselves they will destabilise the whole Planet as most Religions are based on the notion that we are special and alone, and religion still plays too large a part in peoples life to undermine it so.

So, they watch and they wait until we grow a little more.
there proberbly is somethin out there but if they came to earth thered go bk and p**s up there planet like earth is and so they dont wanna come visit us

or knowing us wered shoot them out of the sky n spaceships cost lots of money 4 the aliens.
The universe is a big place, it's possible nobody has found us. We haven't even found all the species on our own planet. It's also possible that every civilization ultimately destroys itself before achieving interstellar travel. Or maybe interstellar travel just isn't possible. Or maybe.

They have found us and are just hiding, watching us like we might watch an ant farm.

Dun Dun DUN!
space is so big that even if we did travel thought it will probably never come in contact with other species
bcus they cant spel like what u do
Try using correct grammar.

We probably aren't the only living entities in the universe, but no one said anything about the other life being intelligent. They also didsn't say that, if it was intelligent, that they would already have technology beyond ours. Remember, the dinosaurs were content and probably would have lasted a lot longer if it weren't for that meteor, so the other planets' life forms could be similar to that, not us.
Three possibilities:
1. We are the only intelligent life in the universe.
2. We aren't the only intelligent life in the universe but interstellar space travel is not possible that's why we have not been visited. (I think this highly likely)
3. We aren't the only intelligent life in the universe but aliens want to hide themselves from us. (This seems ridicules to me. Why come all this way just to observe and not interact. Makes no sense.)
maybe they have found us but they're hiding..
who says they havnt found us . they might not want to say hi
There is a name for this question, it's called the Fermi Paradox: 'If intelligent life is abundant in the Universe, why isn't it here yet?'. There are a number of possible reasons:
- Intelligent life is not abundant.
- Intelligent life will be abundant, but we're some of the first of it to evolve.
- The aliens are watching us but are being careful not to interfere yet.
- All the aliens blow themselves up in nuclear wars.
- All the aliens accidentally destroy themselves using reproducing nanomachines.
- All the aliens conduct physics experiments which destroy them.
- All the aliens plug themselves into computers and play massive multiplayer games for eternity rather than exploring the real Universe.
- All the aliens find a way to go to a better universe before they develop interstellar flight.
- All the aliens are greenpeace environmental activists who abhor the technology required for space flight.
- The rest of the Universe isn't the way it looks, due to the Pioneer Anomaly.
- God made sure no aliens evolved so that humans would be the only intelligent life in the Universe and Genesis would be correct.
I could think of other possible reasons if you gave me enough time.
They have not found us because there are so many stars and planets out there. Our little tiny planet in this little tiny part of the universe would be like looking for the proverbial needle in a hay stack.
What makes me laugh is just because we are "intelligent" life, we ALWAYS assume that if there is other "intelligent" life out there, the chances are those silly little green men will be FAR more advanced.

Yes, i think other life probably does exist that you could call "intelligent". I.E. using tools to make life easier, social intelligence, etc. However, this does not mean that said aliens will have the technology to get to our planet.

For all we know, they might be physically incapable of flying. Or they might not have even discovered how to fly yet and instead are incredibly sophisticated terranian aliens who have very advanced land vehicles.

Also, any alien that does have a single brain cell would know not to come anywhere near this god forsaken planet: chances are they would only be shot out of the sky or killed when they tried to introduce themselves anyway.

Our governments WOULD try to stop such a thing from happening (little green man landing on the Washington lawn) cos it would lead to mass panic and probably huge riots cos it would somewhat DISPROVE religion.

Additionally, most of the brightest scientists on Earth believe that once a civilisation - any civilisation - gets to an advanced stage in their technological development, they usually produce weapons of mass destruction and eventually always end up using them to wipe themselves out. (Which is what's widely expected of the human race - that we will extinct our species using WMDs).

Hence why we have never been "visited" by other alien species - by the time they get that advanced to find us, they've usually wiped themselves out anyway. That's just one "scientific" theory, anyway.
The closest is 4.5 light yr's. and is so far that we could travel a very long time to get there. People are talking about worm holes etc. If we cant cons eve how to do it u don't have any solutions. Just try to communicate via radio waves ,it is so far that we must use a very direct pointing antenna,and if we do where will they be by the time it gets there. we see signals of exploding stars etc coming from hundreds of light years away ,see the problems.
who really knows whats out there unless you see it with your own eyes - we are only shown or told what they want us to see and know (on another point, is seeing - really believing?).
There is a book called " Was God an Astronaut " it is very good. The Author lists lot of different things around the world that he thinks are impossible and suggests that we are descendants of Aliens. Trust me the information in the book is very convincing He points out that space is very big and that to travel across a Galaxy even at the speed of light thousands of years would pass by on Earth. So maybe they have already been !
Not only is the universe big it's also a time thing. Life on earth has only been around for (in universal terms) no time what-so-ever. So the chances of any other life finding us is slim, very very slim.
First, if you want to make your own estimate of how common or rare technological civilizations are in our galaxy, take a look at the Drake Equation. It's a very famous equation that allows you to estimate the prevalence of technological civilizations. Unfortunately, there are several variables whose values are just big guesses, but understanding the equation will really help you get an answer to your question.


The fact that we have NOT been contacted by other civilizations and have not even detected their existence tends to argue that technological civilizations are either very rare or very short-lived. In either case, it reminds us that what we have here on Earth is very special and needs to be treated with the utmost respect.
name me one other intelligent lifeform on earth apart from man. Even if you class man as an intelligent lifeform 99.99999% are thick as pigshit. If inteligent life does exist it does not mean they have the technology to get here or even know where here is. if they do come it will be as invaders as superior cultures always conquer less developed people.
Many top scientists now think the dinosaurs did'nt become extinct but went exploring in spaceships and will return one day
I can't say why,but I think they ARE living in the universe & even communicating with some people.Meybe they do n't wanna scare us.But I belive some sorts of them know us,but do not show themselevs to us.
The incomprehensible vastness of the universe.

With the exception of the planets in our own relatively small and insignificant galaxy, everything is hundreds and thousands of light years apart and, short of worm holes and tears in the space fabric (science fiction, perhaps) no mass can achieve a speed fast enough to visit even their closest neighbor galaxies in a reasonable time frame.

If we were to visit a galaxies two thousand light years away, and we were capable of the astonishing speed of 50% of light speed - it would take us four thousand years to reach our destination, and another two thousand years just to report our findings back to earth via radio transmission at the speed of light. That's 6000 earth years!

If indeed there is other life out there, and they are advanced enough to be exploring other worlds, there are an astounding number of other places that look more interesting than our little blue dot of a planet.
They might have at different times like billion years ago and left the seeds of life!!!
well think of it this way, we have not found life yet, and space is a massive place. yes there may be other life out there, but that does not mean that they will be more advanced than us, look at all the animals on this planet, humans are th only animal, that real make complex things, yes there are animals that do use tools but that's about it.

also if U where an alien, with advanced technology, and U looked down on this planet, when U have counties polluting the environment, people killing other people for land and different beliefs, would U really want to visit it, i wouldn't
'Aliens' have visited us and maybe among us now. The question is what are the ground rules for detecting them. Is it simply a being with green skin, dome head, skinny body and flying around in a saucer.
Is it a surprise that such narrow minded thinking fails to answer this question.
The debate should be not so much, does Intelligent Life exist elsewhere but more a case of why don't they answer the phone?
Perhaps they have their Cosmic Caller ID on and lets face it would you answer the phone if you were standing on the doorstep? Debating whether to ring the bell.
A species advanced enough to travel through space (beyond the realms of their own planets orbit or nearest moon), isnt interested in interacting with a species whose apparent intent is to destroy the planet they live on (plus each other). I imagine they would (if anything) be looking at us with a mixture of pity and revulsion.
It's not only the vastness of space that is the problem. It's the time before we kill ourselves we've only been capable of crude space travel for about thirty years and a few more years will see us unable to afford it , Say 100 years out of a million or so. Other races will have come and gone many times while we were living in trees.
Psst. Don't look over your shoulder right now.