Why do Black People call white people honky and chicken?

Its pretty mean and racist, I guess chicken is cos of the pale skin and long neck/gawky looking, but what does honky mean?
In the West Indies they call Whites (or Pinkies),
'Honky' because long ago when slavemasters drove around in Motor Cars, they used to Honk their Horns, when Slaves got in the way. (Notta lotta peepul nows dat.)
Crikey! I never knew that!
It's someone who makes a loud and stupid noise. Like a belligerent goose.
I have no idea. Racial terms should be abolished, but they never will be.
did you just take a ride in the way-back machine to the 1970's?
Why is it that white people aren't offended when they're called these?
I dont think they do in the UK! Are you from the US?
I don't know. But I do know the term "cracker" came from the slave era. The slaves use to call the owners that would whip them crackers because of the cracking sound the whip makes when deploying it on non working slaves.

ps. I'm just stating what I know. I do not support or indulge in racism!
Can we aasume that maybe very recently, you offended a black person with similar derogatory comments and you simply got what you were given?
dont worry i seen black people be called monkeys and nappy headed freaks. everyone has a name
I have never heard a back person refer to anyone as chicken, the only time i heard the term chicken was to refer to crack addicted women and they are referred to as chicken heads. As far as "honky", well that is right up there with the word "******" just as old and just as degrading. However, personally i have heard the n word used far more than the h word. Has this happened to you personally? i have heard cracker, that white people smell like wet dogs and bologna, and also called gray people. all of these terms are formed out of ignorance and hatred. Personally, I do not use any of them. I have respect for all human beings regardless of race, culture, sexual preference, ethnic background, etc. When you are open to others you can learn a great deal, one main thing you gain is that we as humans are more alike then we are different. God bless you. *
I don't call white people that it's disrespectful
i dont know but i have heard people say it.. people used to say it round my school (honky) i never got it but i did once find out. but now ive forgotten again sorry.. They never said it in a disrepectful way though and everyone knew they were joking. But hmm..

Hope u find out what it means x
This is the first time I have heard of this. Where is such language usually used?
Because people can say what ever they want about a white skinned person and it is not classed as racism..but the instance that a white skinned person says the slightest thing about a darker skinned person then it's classed as racism..it's not right but it's true.
(I've answered this as polite as i can).
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