What happens to the coffin at a cremation?

If someone is cremated you don't buy a coffin. If you decide to hold a service for someone first then a coffin is rented and then returned, then the cremation takes place.
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i think its rented for the services. and then put back for like the next rental i guess. or at least that's what i over heard at my uncles funeral
it gets given to another recently deceased
It is cremated along with the deceased.
They are burned. Now you can buy a pine box instead of a coffin which makes more sense.
just the body itself is incinerated, and the ashes collected.
haha good question.. I believe they reuse them.. which wouldn't that be really odd.. getting paid for a coffin twice.. that should be wrong.
There is absolutely no way that they burn them. I know someone who works in a funeral palour and they get reused. They just don't tell you. Who has every found bits of metal from the coffin in the ashes? apparanetly you aren't even burnt seperately. So when you get given the ashes they are your loved one and about 9 other people. Susks doesn't it.
My brother used to work at a crematorium n he says the coffin gets burned along with the body. The fittings on the coffin are removed before cremation i think.
I`m sure they put it back in the showroom and re sell it. I chose to rent one for my husbands funeral and it cost me almost $900
the coffin is cremated with the body
There is no coffin. The BODY is burned and put into an URN and you either bury the urn or take it home.
I don't really know; for sure, but I believe (being somewhat of a cynic) that they just get recycled. and that's why I want to be cremated in a cardboard coffin! I would say that there is a good market for that. and possibly is somewhere! Haha!
Nothing, they just create the body, it usually takes over 5 hours because the heart it's the hardest muscle to cremate.
the coffin and the body are taken to the crem and both are burned - the ashes are then raked and given to a loved one in an urn
Burn it.
what a waste.
when I go i want an old cardboard fridge box or somthing.
my father was cremated and he was cremated in the coffin that we purchased him to be in.
It get's burnt.
My mother was cremated...there is no coffin.they just burn the body. No personal effects or anything. If you choose to have a ceremony, they will rent you a coffin that is specifically used for that type of situation. They don't "hide" the fact that it has been used before.
It is burned. After the cremation, after the cremation there are often large pieces of bone left but I've never heard of a piece of muscle such a the heart being discernible. This tends to go relatively easily.
Nothing! There is no coffin involved in creamation. It's a body on this conveyer belt like tray that goes into a furnace. Then they put the ashes in an urn. There is no one present, I don't think, accept professionals doing the creamation. During the funeral the put pictures of the deseased all around.
coffins r not cremated. bodies r.
The coffin is burnt with the body inside it.
When a specific amount of time has passed with the 'oven' at a specific (very hot) temperature, all is burnt.
This is except for the coffin handles, hip replacements etc.
These are seperated and buried at the crematorium.
The rest of the remains is put into a kind of giant mincer and is ground down into the ash that the families are presented with.
If there is no family then the crematorium will bury the urn.

There is actually a new way to dispose of bodies using liquid nitrogen. The body (in the coffin) is dipped into liquid nitrogen and is 'frozen'. Then it is removed and put onto a vibrating board which 'shatters' the remains into a fine dust. Again, hip replacements, coffin handles etc are removed and the remains are given to the family, or buried/scattered. This is a very environmentally friendly way of disposing of bodies and could be coming to crem near you soon.

People who work in crematoriums are not allowed to handle the bodies. Some people meet nasty untimely messy deaths. The coffin, as well as a mark of respect, keeps those around the body safe.
Keep it real - do you really think crematorium workers are going to mess about taking bodies out of coffins?
If the cremation is done by a trustworthy company, they put the original coffin holding the body, in the oven. (however expensive the coffin is)
It is usually burned. the metals (handles, nails hinges etc) are removed either during this process of after it (along with metal hip's etc) and depending on the county council or local authroity the metals are recycled.

I believe it is also possible to have the casket saved from the fire, and recycled as chippings, paper etc.. for envirnomental purposes. Caskets are not used again.
Regular coffins are not used for cremations.when something is used its little more of a pressed cardboard.designed just for this.
What do you reckon?
You never know so go with the cheapest pine box you can find. Maybe even go to Home Depot and build it yourself. Their just goin to burn it!

You can bet even the cardboard ones are going to cost 10 times more than your little home project.
it gets cremated and then the metal is picked out by a magnet.