Why is it some people live in a fantasy world?

Why can't some people live in the real world and live in cuckoo land?
Sometimes it's an escape, other times it's the fact that reality appears too harsh so they hide in their secret little place (fantasy world) and the longer they stay there . The harder it is to bring them out of it.

Some people feel frightened of reality. it may be they feel under valued, unaccepted, been hurt in teh past, feel awkward with their body/feelings/education or lack of.

At uni we had a psychologist defined mental health/illness to us as the following:

'Neurotics build air castles, psychotics live in them"

He was so right!
They cannot or do not wish to deal with their own reality so they make one up that they have more control over.
Everybody's reality is different. What is real to you may be cuckoo to someone else.

The biggest problems with the people who are truly living in a fantasy world--we keep electing them!
sometimes they canĀ“t face the real world. It can be pathological.
To get away from reality
because they cant face reality
Hey, My fantasy world rocks! I enjoy going there at least 3 times a day.
I have a fantasy world because my life is depressing and sometimes quite painful.
reality is over-rated
You mean this is all fantasy?
My son Nigel not, does but he's only 13. Reality knocks on the door later- Some grown people are afraid to answer the door.
People just want to hide from the harsh world we live in. They dont want to face reality. Instead tey deny what is right before thier eyes.
In a fantasy world you have complete control well in the real world you do not.

O look a floating tree
Real World is bad for them so they need to hide
Because reality is too difficult for them.
its easier to deal with things that way,for them
ignorance is bliss
becoz they dont like the reality
Why cant people live in a fantasy world, doeas it really bother you that much or are you upset because you are never invited to visit?
by what do you define the "real world" isnt it just a matter of perception really
life is complex. EVERYTHING is possible. When you think of everything, every emotion you could possibly feel then the question is simple. Some people look at others and don't fit in. Some people are weird. Some people have problems. It's a big wide world and if people saw that rather then their incredibly small 'world' maybe it'd be a better place.
Because when they ask why their 'complex delusional structure' is not feasible, why it cannot be the TRUE reality, no-one is able to offer a rational reason - one that makes 'scientific' sense - the responses are usually like 'its highly unlikely' ie. complete (and populist) subjectivity.

So why is one minority's view of Reality necessarily the wrong one ? - especially considering the lack of authentic deep and individual thought many of us partake of in our lives.
'Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.' x
A little fantasy every now and then isn't that bad.
If they feel that they cannot get what they desire in the real world then people can construct a fantasy world. A bigger problem comes from that there are many fantasy worlds online in which people can be anything they choose without the need to construct their own world, this gives people greater access to escaping from their own reality, where they feel it is much too difficult for them to realistically achieve success and lead a pleasant life.

Its a way out of a boring and tedius life which doesn't offer them enough. Its also an escape, a temporary holiday from the real world, some people need time to recover from some event or physical/mental situation which causes them distress, they can emerge from or remain in the unreal world depending on their willpower and motivations.

You get the general idea, Im not going to write an essay on this.
Because they find it easier to cope with and control. They usually have some painful issues that run very deep and the positive slightly wacko exterior helps them cope with that.