AIDS in Africa: how big is our responsibility?

This question was asked at the Dropping Knowledge event on 9th
September by Judith, 23, Munich, Germany.

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Well, we are all humans, and we have a duty to be compassionate and to help in any way we can, up to the point where we are doing harm to ourselves in helping others. Give what you can afford to a worthy cause, but do not impoverish yourself and your family to help others.

Remember that research has shown that AIDS probably came out of Africa in the first place, which means they have had longer to pass it around, and probably far less in the way of real medical care, less of public education into the risks, etc. We could certainly help with that kind of thing, and I'm sure we are.

Condom manufacturers should be persuaded to make major contributions (good for their publicity), and obviously various United Nations and International Red Cross organizations which already have the people's trust should be helping distribute them, and inform the public of their risks. Certainly we can afford to help with testing and whatever palliative care we've got. But as I understand it, there is still no cure, so it's preventing the spread that must be the emphasis.

Yes, we have a duty to help. The whole world, not just the US.
when they start emmigrating, the problem will spread. not to generalise, but looks very possible. We need to try and help them now, and not just for their sake.
It is very much the entire worlds responsibility, not only from a moral standpoint, but also from a health standpoint. My mother worked for the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland in the Aids department, and she told me many many horror stories about Africa, most of which have since been made public world wide.

It is said that one in 3 people in africa stand an excellent chance of getting aids. The factors involved are lack of knowledge, lack of protective measures such as condoms, the general area where aids outbreaks happen (I.e., far from cities where they can get help) and just the simple fact that so many people have it.

If the world does not take up this responsibility, Africa will eventually kill itself off. In this process, many people with HIV or AIDS will leave their country and seek new places to live, further spreading the disease.

Left alone, the entire world is at a great risk for becoming infected. The Aids virus also mutates. Science does not know for a fact that HIV will also remain only transmittable by blood or bodily fluids. If the virus should get a chance to mutate so that it can be transfered via air as the common cold is, the entire world is no longer just at risk, but will be infected.

No, the epidemic needs to be cured now, we cannot, as a people, afford to wait any longer and allow it the chance to become an airborn virus.
unless u are interacting with the african people, we are not reponsible at all.
It's called ethnic cleansing. A way to take lands without war.
the reason why aids will continue to haunt africa is because there is too many firebrand catholics there who tell the africans that if they protect themselves they will go to hell once again religion is causing death and destruction like us in the west the africans have to be responsible for their sexual health
It's a global responsibility and therefore everyone who can do something should b/c we live in a globalized world.
What do you mean "our responsibility"?
Do you mean, "How big is our responsibility for AIDS in Africa other than our causing the epidemic in the first place?"
Are you the public relations official for this web site. All you do it provide links to it.
I think we are hiding the cure, just like the FDA punishes whoever seems to have a cure for many other things, because medical care is such Big Business.

One cure known to have worked in the past has to do with goats. You inject the Aids virus into a goat, wait two months, then take some of its blood, with the antibodies it has produced, and inject it into the person with Aids.
Why do You worry about Africa !?
It isn't Your problem. You cannot chance their
— male dominated — mentality. But that's exactly the
thing that makes Africa go down.

But it is not my problem. They are responsible
for their own lives. Amen.
hey, we've given them condoms and they refuse to use them - what else can we do!!
Very big, so that we don't have more people affected with aid
Researchers have discovered that the water in many areas of Africa is highly polluted with benzene. KY Jelly and other lubricants also contain benzene. The link between benzene and AIDS has been established. It is up to the Government of Africa of regulate dumping of chemicals into the water/rivers etc to help curb AIDS.
I do not know how responsible you and your people are. My family and I have no responsibility at all for what is happening in that part of the world. We do what we do for them out of charity, not responsibility.

Judith, if you know something about this AIDS epidemic you had better come clean. I don't think you are personally responsible because you are not old enough. Perhaps your parents or grand parents?
Our responsibility is huge.
I have never been to Africa and plan never to go and have no part in the introduction or spread of the AIDS virus. So, My / our responsibility is to help, that's it, just to help. I do this by donating to charities and paying taxes, the USA Government sends Billions of dollars in aid to Africa yearly and charities also give billions more.

I cannot save the world, I only help where I can
OUR as in the United States? Why single out one particular country to hold the responsibility when ALL countries share the illness? It's not like people are not aware! The Aids virus wouldn't spread if people weren't hard headed and uncaring. They don't even care about having children from their single minded actions. It's selfish!!
I owe Africa nothing and they get nothing as far as I am concerned. What the hell has Africa done for me besides bringing AIDS to America.

It isn't technically our responsibility. However, it will end up affecting everyone if not dealt with.
if we give them aid, we should also give them education. I watched a documentory about this & there were two little boys whose parents were dead from aids. The grandmother was raising them. An uncle with aids believed that if he had sex with a virgin, it would cure him. He raped both little boys & one of them was HIV positive at the time of the documentory.
None. I think it is a shame that Americans feel this bleeding heart to try and "help" other nations. I think it is obvious from our past and even current world events, that the more we interfere the worst things get.
You may want to tell me that there is a difference between a health crisis and a military liberation, but I beg to differ. They are both a total waste of resources.
Let me in turn ask this question.
Why should America try to ease the AIDS epidemic in Africa, or Liberate the Iraqis, or Protect the Kuwatis when we have homless on OUR streets and children dying from disease and neglect in OUR neighborhoods?
Why is it so much easier to adopt a baby from Asia than one from across town?
Our infrastructure is so polluted with CAREER politicains who lust for power. I say in order to cure the world we must first cure ourselves.
The Pope is responsible because he refused to give them Condoms.
none-it's a way of culling the population.
condoms, we need to end ignorance and money doesnt help
I don't know about everyone else, but I am so sick of being the worlds police and frdgin baby sitter!! We need to get a grip on problems in our own back yard before we go running all over the place trying "help" everyone else. The more we help these countries, the more they EXPECT us to help them. These other countries need to step up and take care of their own and stop being so damn needy! Does the US go running around beggin everyone else to help us? Does anyone else offer to help us? No to both, and we all know it!
AIDS is a global concern. This country is in a position to assist another country with a global crisis. Not assisting to curb, control or reverse an epidemic, when we have the ability is criminal.