Why is it that women can type faster than men?

that's what i have observed anyway, in the offices where i have worked. i though women were supposed to be bad at complex tasks
Women, my dear man (I assume you are a man or you wouldn't have supposed that we are bad at complex tasks) are faster, better, more capable at juggling 3 to 4 and more jobs at the same time (i.e. wife, mother, worker, lover, carer), so the thought that merely being able to type quicker than men is negligible compared to our other abilities.
Women work harder at what they do. The men see it as the slower they type the less work they have to do.
It would depend if they have been taught to touch type, as its generally women that have, which means they can use all of their fingers to type without looking down at the keyboard.

I taught myself to touch type with a program called Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. sounds crappy I know. but you should try it.
Because men have bigger fingers and hands.meaning that they are less agile! LOL!
I think it might have something to do with hand and eye coordination.. A woman's is maybe a little better.
cos women are better than men at everything!! even driving!!


i can't say i have ever noticed but i'll watch out now 4 it
I am a guy and learned on a manual, I just have not practiced enough. I tend to pound the keys. I go through a keyboard ever few months.

I remember when women were amazed because I could type at all.

I loved my typing class in school, 95% female, 5% male. Maybe that answers your question.
Its a hormone thing. High testosterone levels in the brain affects the ability to type at a high rate of speed. Its just like high estrogen levels disable the body's ability to grunt, fart, and watch Monday night football.
Although their fragile minds tend to sway towards kittens and knitting, their philanges can sometimes become quite proficient in complex actions such as typing. This answer has taken me 4 hours to complete, i'm a male. say no more.
I would say it's probably because more women have secretarial and admin jobs than men so it could well be that the fast female typists have had experience doing this sort of thing before if they're doing a different job where you work.
Men usually have a more muscular structure which hinders the manual dexterity and flexibility.

You may have seen that some women can actually open their hand to where the fingers start to go backwards.

It's that hyperflexibility that gives women an advantage in this area.

Check out the Guinnes book of world records and you will note that the fastest typists have always been men. Maybe your query has to do w/ all of the lazy men in your office, and comparing them to all of the hardworking women.
i dont think they can, well they can type faster than some men, then men can type faster than some women, so it is pretty equal.
women have more experience with doing the lame office jobs
1) That might be because in your office women do more typing or were hired as typist.

2) More women maybe preparing themselves for office careers and take typing class.

3) I disagree with women not being up to more complex tasks. Even though there are differences between sexes, women are gaining more high profile jobs and are expected to dominate in a couple of decades due to better education. This is actually becoming a concern, because boys' role model are usually athletes and it turns out that boys don't concentrate as much in academic activities and are not entering into the best colleges.

Typing is not a complex task. I am sorry if you feel it is.
In all honesty, and I hate to say it but 'older girls' were taught typing at school and did qualifications in secretarial skills, whereas the boys didn't. Me, I did woodwork instead and am crap at typing but still work in an office.
That's not always true. I know loads of guys that can type faster than me!
They have been using their fingers all their lives
Check your facts. The world record holder for typing is held by a man! Gender has nothing to do with it, it's all about practice.

Also, in machine shorthand (like Court Reporters use), the fastest guy on record is a man called Mark Kislingbury, who can take down two-voice testimony at a shocking 350 wpm! That's a lot faster than most people can even speak!

So the answer to your questions is: They DON'T! Men are the faster typists.
Not in all cases is that true..
i dont know but im in my early teens and apparently i can touch type! What does that tell you?
It all harks back to school, when boys were taught woodwork and women typing, this has changed over the years and with the influx of male orientated typing jobs the compariosion is slowly turning around. I am male and have taught myself to type, which amazes most women. As for all the women on this site who think women are better at everything, this is also changing with the new aged man who do not need women to do anything for them and can cope with multi tasking.
Sounds like your sample size is very small. The fastest typer I know is male.
they are very good at fingering
Because they have smaller fingers to make the task easier.