Registry office in Cancun Mexico does anyone know the contact details?

I get married in Cancun in two weeks and would like to know the date of the wedding but the holiday company wont tell me, and keep saying that it will be confirmed when we are in resort.
I want to say thanks to the people who have sent presents and say something like "please think of us at __pm on of November"
I want to contact the Cancun registry office to see if they can confirm the date. Although the overly efficious woman at the holiday company says it will not be right because they are so important that it needs to be confirmed with them first! grrr
Can anyone help?
Found what yr looking for:
Oficina del Regisro Civil
Margaritas st # 31 SM 22
Tel (52 998) 884 95 22

Have fun!

Found this link if it is of any help to you.